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How to Choose the Right Men's Thobe for You

The men's thobe is one of the essential pillars that complement the elegance of the Saudi man, as it reflects his personality and makes him distinctive in his appearance among everyone. However, choosing the right thobe for him is not an easy task. At Prince Thobe, we help you find the thobe you are looking for, not only by providing high-quality fabrics, distinctive and new models, but also by introducing you to the most important factors that affect your choice.

Factors Affecting the Choice of the Right Thobe for You:

1. Body Shape:

It is one of the factors that must be taken into consideration; because through it you can improve your appearance and make it distinctive and free of defects. If you have:

  • Full body: The best choice for you is cotton fabrics "medium softness / semi-standing" because of their ability to not stick and hide any unwanted areas such as the "abdomen" and areas of fat concentration.

In this case, dark colors such as navy blue and black become the most suitable shades for your thobe, and you should also consider the color harmony in the thobe so that the buttons are not of a different color, which reveals the flaws of the body.

  • Slim body: In this case, you can choose synthetic fabrics such as "silk and filament" because they have a high degree of softness and stick to the body relatively, giving a better appearance. You can choose light colors to give a full and harmonious shape.

2. Skin Tone:

It is considered one of the factors that has a great impact on your choice of the color of the thobe; If you are:

  • Dark skin: Warm colors such as "off-white/sugar, etc." are the best choice for you.
  • White skin: Cool colors are your best choice "bright white/blue in its shades".

3. Daily Activities:

Your choice of fabrics depends on the nature of your daily activity; If it was:

  • A nature full of movement and movement: Synthetic fabrics such as "filament/silk/polyester/span filament" are the most suitable for you because of their resistance to wrinkling and creasing during movement while enjoying a soft touch.
  • A calm nature: It does not contain a lot of movement and movement and depends on sitting most of the time, then natural fabrics such as "cotton/linen" and some synthetic fabrics such as "tetron/span spandex" are the most suitable for you because they enjoy coolness on the body and give a great deal of comfort.

4. The Nature of the Climate in the Place of Residence:

It is also one of the most important factors affecting your choice of fabrics; If your place of residence is in areas:

  • Hot desert: The most suitable fabrics for you are natural cotton and linen and synthetic fabrics with a high percentage of cotton such as tetron because they have a cool feel on the body and allow air to pass through better.
  • Moderate coastal: Synthetic fabrics such as "filament/silk/polyester/span filament" are the most suitable for you because of their ability to retain heat relatively.

After knowing the factors affecting your choice of the perfect thobe for you, you can choose from the distinctive Prince Thobe collection of men's clothes in all shapes and materials